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  • Their features include:
  • Paintable grilles and frame
  • Micro mesh grille providing cleaner appearance
  • Easy installation locking system
  • Enclosure capable for focused sound
  • Quality drivers
  • Dark background behind grill to prevent shadowing
  • Powerful - High wattage speakers
  • Great Frequency Response
  • Value Priced
  • Built to ISO9001 Standards
  • Rounded corners on rectangular frames give a finished look.


MODEL MaxPower Response Woofer Tweeter Magnet
CS 52 60 Watts 80Hz-20Khz PP Cone 1/2" Mylar Dome 10 Oz
Sensitivity Shape Rough In Dimesions Overall Dimensions Price
89 Db 1w/1m Round 6 7/8" Diameter 8 3/8" Diameter $160.71/Pr

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